Top 5 Most Technical Knockouts of 2023 


In professional sports, few things compare to brutal technical knockouts. Some find it energizing, some find it graphic, but it always provokes a true emotional reaction. There have been plenty of responses from the UFC in 2023.

The top 5 most technical knockouts are - Raoni Bacelos vs. Umar Nurmagomedov, Phil Hawes vs. Ikram Aliskerov, Terrence McKinney vs. Ismael Bonfim, Carlos Diego vs. Michael Johnson and Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya.

While the skill and execution of some of these technical knockouts lend themselves to innate beauty, others were huge statement victories for the winners. Considering how many incredible KOs we've already witnessed this year, we decided to rate the top five.

In light of the above, these are the top five most brutal knockouts of 2023 thus far.

Best Technical Knockouts of 2023

Raoni Bacelos vs. Umar Nurmagomedov

The experiences that Umar Nurmagomedov has gone through are comparable to those of his brothers and compatriots, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev. At UFC Vegas 67, the unbeaten bantamweight faced up against yet another unranked fighter, unable to place willing opponents in the top 15.

When Nurmagomedov and Raoni Barcelos squared off at the Apex facility in January, he showed off some new twists in his game and put the rest of the 135-pound division on notice with a dominant knockout.

Undoubtedly one of the team's top unranked 135-pound fighters, Raoni Barcelos is no slouch. Although he is a versatile fighter, his striking is his most well-known attribute. In contrast, Umar Nurmagomedov is regarded as a top grappler since he has finished every match in the promotion via submission.

Nurmagomedov proved why he is a formidable opponent by stopping Barcelos in the first round by catching the Brazilian with a fantastic follow-through left hook after he just missed a step-in knee. When the undefeated Dagestani realized Barcelos was out cold, he decided not to deliver any blows and instead followed his opponent to the canvas.

Terrence McKinney lost to Ismael Bonfim.

Before the UFC 283 pay-per-view in Rio de Janeiro in January, the Bonfim brothers were the buzz of the town.

At the pay-per-view, the much-heralded brothers made their octagon debuts and finished in the first round. In less than a minute, Gabriel Bonfim submitted his opponent, while Ismael Bonfim easily dispatched Terrance McKinney to make a strong UFC debut.

From the beginning, Ismael Bonfim had an air of great confidence, forcing Terrance McKinney to play second fiddle. Despite his reputation as a quick learner, McKinney found it difficult to interpret Bonfim's movement and timing.

After McKinney refrained from striking due to Bonfim's precise boxing, the Brazilian cornered his American opponent against the fence a little over two minutes into the opening round. 'T-Wrecks' crashed face-first onto the mat. He displayed incredible athleticism and technique as he launched into a flying knee.

Ikram Aliskerov defeated Phil Hawes.

Ever since Alex Pereira moved up to light heavyweight after Israel Adesanya regained his middleweight championship earlier this year, the category has become stagnant. Adesanya has already defeated most top-ranked 185-pound fighters, and the weight class is in dire need of new blood.

Although things at middleweight have become more exciting due to the development of Khamzat Chimaev and Bo Nickal, the debut of Dagestani sensation Ikram Aliskerov recently portends well for the division's future.

Ikram Aliskerov's only defeat of his career was at BRAVE CF in 2019 against Khamzat Chimaev. After making an incredible octagon debut at UFC 288 and easily defeating Phil Hawes, the Russian now has an impressive 14-1 record overall.

Although the majority of Dagestani fighters mostly depend on their grappling skills, Aliskerov has an elite striking style. The 30-year-old has had five knockouts and five submissions during his professional career.

Against Hawes, his lethal accuracy and power were on full show. Aliskerov came out swinging, and in just 130 seconds, he caught his opponent off guard with a clean right straight that put him out of his misery.

Carlos Diego defeated Michael Johnson.

Following an injury sustained in his 2021 defeat against Mateusz Gamrot, Carlos Diego Ferreira had an 18-month break from competition. In June, the undefeated lightweight contender made a triumphant comeback to the octagon by decisively defeating Michael Johnson, which was his first victory since early 2020.

The last almost ten years of Carlos Diego Ferreira's UFC career have not been smooth, to put it mildly. The Brazilian spent the previous several years circling the No. 10 slot in the division and never made it to the top tier. Following his third straight loss to Mateusz Gamrot, he dropped out of the rankings.

Upon his comeback, Ferreira was noticeably larger, and his hitting appeared much more polished. When compared to seasoned opponent Michael Johnson in promotions, the 38-year-old's hands have never looked better.

Ferreira stopped "The Menace" cold as he dropped to the mat with a massive overhand that was uncannily identical to Johnson's KO defeat to Josh Emmett.

Alex Pereira loses to Israel Adesanya in the UFC middleweight championship match.

The boogeyman of Israel Adesanya's combat sports career, Alex Pereira, put an abrupt end to his dominating reign at the top of the middleweight class back in November of last year. At UFC 281 in New York, 'Poatan' defeated 'The Last Stylebender' with a stunning comeback victory, marking his third victory over 'The Last Stylebender' in kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Adesanya took his retribution earlier this year at UFC 287 in Miami.

In contrast to their previous MMA match, Alex Pereira got out to a fast start and placed Adesanya on the defensive in the first round. Similar to how calf kicks played a significant role in their first encounter last year, Pereira's strong leg strikes were obviously having an impact on the opponent in their rematch.

Adesanya added another touchdown just to be safe, and then he celebrated with the now-famous bow and arrow. This is definitely the greatest knockout of 2023 thus far, taking into account the style, technique, rivalry, and stakes.

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Could you give an example of a well-known boxing technical knockout?

The bout between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks in 1988 included one of the most well-known technical knockouts in boxing history. In just ninety-one seconds, Tyson emerged victorious via TKO, establishing himself as the unchallenged heavyweight champion.

Which MMA technical knockout stands out in your memory?

One iconic TKO in mixed martial arts occurred in 2009 during Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Gryphon at UFC 101. With a succession of accurate strikes, Silva showed off his amazing striking prowess and technically knocked out Gryphon.

When should a referee declare a technical knockout?

Referees make the decision to declare a TKO based on their judgment. They take into account things like a fighter's incapacity to protect oneself effectively, becoming overpowered by their opponent's blows. Preserving safety is paramount.


In combat sports, technical knockouts (TKOs) are crucial when a fighter's incapacity to continue leads to their opponent's triumph. These TKOs accentuate the intensity of the sport since they frequently require accurate hitting and the referee's judgment. 

Notable combatants like Mike Tyson and Anderson Silva are renowned for their impressive takedown victories. It's important to understand the difference between TKOs and knockouts. The former emphasizes the fighter's self-defense, while the latter aims to knock out the opponent.

 Athletes' safety comes first, and officials are crucial in preventing needless injuries in fights.