The Significance of the PFL World Championship and its Top Contenders


The end of the year is nearing, which means one thing in the MMA world - the PFL World Championship is upon us!

This NYE bash is the Super Bowl of the PFL, where six champs get crowned and walk home with a cool million bucks each. No big deal. After duking it out in the regular season and playoffs, the top dogs in each weight class have emerged. Now they battle for the prestigious PFL belt, a badass championship ring, and a life-changing wheelbarrow full of cash.

For PFL fighters, this event is HUGE. The chance to wrap that shiny gold belt around your waist and set yourself and your family up for life? An opportunity of a lifetime! The PFL World Championship is pressure-packed and intense but also leads to glorious victory.

So get ready because the PFL Champs will be decided in the ultimate New Year's spectacle. Blood, sweat, tears, and million-dollar paydays. Let's start 2023 with a bang!

PFL Format Overview 

It's set up like a sports season, with regular matches and playoffs leading to finals. Fighters rack up points for wins and methods during the regular season. The top point-getters make the playoffs, where they keep scoring.

The last two standin' in each division after the playoff dust settles make the PFL World Championship event. This NYE supercard is where it goes down - the two finalists in each weight class lace 'em up one last time.

These championship bouts are for all the marbles - the PFL belt, a phat New Year's bonus, and a life-changing stack of 1 MILLION dollars! Crazy, right?

No other MMA promotion does it quite like the PFL. They structured things to mimic seasons in sports leagues rather than random big events. It's a pretty dope concept if you ask me. Keeps things spicy!

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Last Year's PFL World Championship

The 2022 PFL World Championship was straight fire! Last NYE, the FINALS went down with million-dollar contracts on the line.

In the main event, Kayla Harrison cemented her dominance again, choking out Larissa Pacheco with a rear naked in the women's lightweight finale. Girl's a beast. She cried joyfully at winning her THIRD PFL title and a second milli.

Other champs crowned included fearsome finisher Ante Delija, who smashed his way to heavyweight gold - and a life-changing payday for his family back in Croatia.

Bantamweight phenom Brendan Loughnane finally got his belt after years of grinding while sparking fan-fave Bubba Jenkins in a wet blanket of a fight. Love him or hate him, Loughnane's laughin' to the bank.

The featherweight finale brought the violence, with fan favorite Chris Wade battering Bubba Jenkins for the TKO. Had me out of my seat!

In all, last year's PFL Championship was straight fireworks. We saw millionaires made and dreams come true under the bright lights. Can't wait to see what excitement awaits this year!

2022 Season Standouts 

The 2022 PFL season introduced several standout contenders to keep an eye on. Here are some of the top fighters to watch heading into the World Championship event:

Rob Wilkinson has been a force in the light heavyweight division since entering the PFL. With a pro record of 15-2, the Australian brings elite grappling skills honed on the jiu-jitsu mats. After a rocky 1-2 start in the PFL regular season, Wilkinson scored two first-round finishes in the playoffs to earn his title shot. If he can implement his crushing top game, he has the tools to capture the belt.

Breandan Allen has taken the PFL welterweight bracket by storm this season. Riding an impressive five-fight finish streak into the playoffs, Allen dominated his way to the finals, including a clinic against veteran Rory MacDonald. With creative striking and a slick submission game, Allen looks to have all the skills to walk away a champion and millionaire at season's end.

Women's lightweight Kayla Harrison remains the one to beat in her division. The two-time Olympic judo gold medalist has finished all three opponents this season, bulldozing the competition with ruthless ground and pound. Despite being dominant, Harrison continues to expand her skill set. She remains the heavy favorite to three-peat as PFL champion.

While underdogs, Sergio Rios and Carl Deaton scored upsets in season playoffs to earn unlikely title shots. Both fight with reckless aggression and fighting instincts. Count them out at your peril - with $1 million just one win away, expect fireworks as they chase PFL glory.

The Significance for Fighters

For PFL fighters, the World Championship represents a monumental opportunity beyond the cage. The $1 million prize awarded to each division winner holds the power to change lives profoundly.

A massive payday of that size can overnight transform a fighter's career and family circumstances. For most, it represents more money than they've ever seen - an instant injection of financial security in a profession where pay is fickle.

Becoming a PFL season champion carries great prestige that money can't buy. It cements a fighter's name amongst the elite in MMA and opens doors to high-profile opportunities.

Hoisting that PFL belt signifies you conquered the grueling PFL season and emerged on top. The accomplishment becomes a part of a fighter's legacy, proof they could persevere through adversity to achieve the ultimate prize in the sport's leading upstart promotion.

For PFL combatants, the chance to call themselves champions and earn life-altering money is a dream within reach at the World Championship. It's the opportunity of a lifetime under the year's brightest lights.


The PFL World Championship represents the culmination of the PFL's unique season format and a chance for fighters to achieve career-defining glory. With championships and million-dollar purses on the line, New Year's Eve will bring fireworks as the next generation of PFL champions and millionaires are minted under the arena lights. Don't miss the action!