Corner Kings: Legendary Trainers Who Shaped Boxing's Greatest Fighters


Boxing ranks as one of the world's most commercially developed combat sports, and boxers stand out as some of the most disciplined and skilled athletes ever. They participate, willing to risk everything for their passion and love for the sport. 

Great boxers need great training. Legendary boxing trainers and coaches are paramount to a boxer’s professional career. They mentor, train, upskill, and develop strategies and tactics for their fighters and keep their physical and mental state in check for all matches. 

Top 6 Legendary Boxing Trainers

Now let’s take a look at some of the greatest legendary trainers who shaped some of boxing’s greatest fighters:

Cus D’Amato

Cus D'Amato, the renowned boxing mentor, was born in 1908 and began coaching in the 1940s, soon gaining a reputation for his in-depth understanding of the sport. He coached fighters such as Mike Tyson, Jose Torres, and Floyd Patterson. He is one of the Hall of Fame trainers.

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His ideology was built on physical strength and an athlete's emotional and psychological well-being. His protégé, Mike Tyson, popularized his "peekaboo" technique of tight defense and explosive strikes with hands shielding the face. D'Amato's approach transformed the sport, producing the most fiercely motivated and disciplined boxers the boxing world has ever seen.

Even after his passing, people remember him as the person who changed the reputation of boxing with his passion and unwavering love for the sport. He was a father figure to his students.

Roger Mayweather

Roger Mayweather began his professional boxing career in 1981 and holds two world championships. He was one of the most renowned and sought-after boxing instructors after his retirement in 1999. His specialty was defensive boxing, and he had a remarkable ability to coach and develop world-class boxers.  

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His nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr., trained under his guidance and flourished in the boxing scene. Roger Mayweather always focused on footwork, counterattacks, and strategy to prepare his students. He had a larger-than-life personality and would often take jabs at his student’s opponents, which would help sell fights and increase audience engagement.

Ray Arcel

Ray Arcel started his boxing career 1920s as a professional boxer himself. However, after facing a bad injury in the ring, he focused on training others with his strong game knowledge.  

He trained over 20 world champions, such as Roberto Duran, Benny Leonard, Ezzard Charles, etc. Arcel earned a reputation for his keen attention to detail and his ability to create unique, customized strategies for each of his boxers. He dedicated himself to maintaining a positive mental state for his fighters and ensuring they stayed out of the mud. Many aspiring boxers found inspiration in him. 

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Arcel was one of the main instrumentalists in establishing the New York State Athletic Commission, which helped to regulate the sport and safeguard fighters. He also played a key role in forming the first international boxing federation, the World Boxing Council. 

Eddie Futch

Eddie Futch started as an amateur boxer but couldn't continue pursuing his passion due to heart issues. He invested his time and money into being a boxing coach and trained around 21 world champions, including fighters like Trevor Berbick, Virgil Hill, Ken Norton, etc.  

Futch even mentored another world-famous coach named Freddie Roach, which speaks volumes of his credibility and reputation. Only five fighters have successfully won against the greatest Muhammad Ali, and four of them were trained by Futch.  

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He believed that boxing is a science and that fighters are born with differences in physical ability, and the trainer only improves their existing skills. 

Freddie Roach

Our list would only be complete with Freddie Roach. He began boxing under his father, Paul Roach’s guidance and became a professional boxer in 1978. He started training under Eddie Futch and later went on to be a trainer himself after retirement.  

Roach is known for teaching the fundamentals of boxing and emphasizing the fighter's offense rather than their defense. He does not believe in changing and transforming his students but focuses on enhancing their skills and making them better fighters. 

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Roach’s students include Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto, James Toney, Mike Tyson, and MMA star Georges St-Pierre.

Angelo Dundee

While talking about the best boxing trainers in the world, we can never leave our Angelo Dundee. He is yet another Hall of Fame trainer with an amazing track record. He was the reason behind Sugar Ray Leonard’s three world title wins. Angelo Dundee was also the primary trainer of Muhammad Ali all through his boxing career. 

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He was known for the tactical and clever strategies that he implemented for his fighter’s matches. Dundee always knew how to take the opponent down to win the ring. He believed the boxer’s mental strength was as crucial as physical strength, and he tirelessly worked to prepare his fighters mentally for their fights.  

The boxing community considers him an exceptional figure, and they will always remember him for his rich knowledge and contributions to the sport.

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  • What is a boxing coach called?

A boxing coach, known as a cornerman, cannot be inside the ring during the fight; instead, they stand near the fighter's corner. During breaks, they can enter the ring and talk to their fighter. 

  • Who are the best boxing trainers of all time?

Some of the best boxing trainers of all time are Eddie Futch, Cus D’Amato, Robert Garcia, Virgil Hunter, Freddie Roach, Abel Sanchez, Lou Duva, Emanuel Steward, and many more. 

  • Who is the greatest fighter in boxing?

Although there are many boxing champions, Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer ever. He has managed to be a household name, and people from all generations praise him for everything he has done for the boxing community.

  • Which boxers won against Muhammad Ali?

In his two-decades-long career, Ali only lost five times. The fighters who defeated him were Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes, and Trevor Berbick.


It is impossible to decide upon one legendary boxing trainer, considering many legends sacrificed their lives for the sport. A good mentor helps create potential world champions by developing strategies and tactics that suit their fighter’s physique and personality. 

The sports community has recognized most of the trainers you read about today, and they will inspire generations to come.